Fragments of Lost Dialogues

In October 2017, four pictures of the series were officially selected and showcased at the Salon d'Automne in Paris.

My work received great feedbacks and appreciations by many visitors: collectors and amateurs. It was an amazing experience.

Which was possible only thanks to the support of many people who helped me with a crowdfunding I had launched. I want to thank

one by one all this friends and unknown persons whose generosity allowed me to live such a wonderful experience.

A huge thank you to: Lorena Trebbi, Thomas Röske, Marie-Luise Röske, Giuseppe Piccinno, Fabrizio Grasso, Marco Bindi, Fabio Mattana,

Matteo Tripodi, Ananya Chowdhury, Italo Balestrieri, Agne Kazlauskaite, Corinne Wargnier, Luca Rijtano, Pina Pica, Nadia Grasso,

Maria Spolidoro, Giuseppe Pica, Olimpia Pica, Adrien Bou, Marina Camboni, Sara Villa, Ernesto Salerno, Laura Fazio, Luigi Pezzullo, Pina Florio,

Maria Fazi, Giulia Poggi, Pica Giustina, Anna Accorimboni, Alain Zimeray, Alain Le Nabour, Gitjana Kalesha, Antonio Gervasio, Vincenzo Calì,

Marisa Schiano, Enrico Martina, Guillaume Bignon, Giuliana Galassi, Silvia Trebbi, German Bassi, Andrea Salzano, Berthoud Françoise,

Aymeric Jouannet-Capogrossi, Michael Beck, Michela Aquilano.